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Check out our current vacancies to join our growing dream team and connect with us on LinkedIn for company updates! To apply please email your CV and cover letter to

Salary (FT): £28,000 (+tips)
Salary (PT - must be free Monday, Friday and weekends): £12.50ph (+tips)

- Access to unlimited CBT and therapy through our wellbeing provider

Location: We are currently hiring for Mondays, Fridays and Weekends (3-4 days) At Old Spitalfields Market and just weekends at Camden Market. We also have an exciting new opening in early summer where we will need full-time staff. Please let us know in your email what you're applying for.
Start date: Flexible

We are looking for kind, inclusive and confident people to join our team. At Humble Crumble we want to encourage you to achieve your potential and offer experiences to learn new skills and to progress into senior roles.

The role is a mixture of Front of House and Kitchen work. We start everyone off in the customer service role and then when you become confident in this space, we'll teach you how to bake our delicious crumbles.

This role is an important one: you may be the first interaction that our customers will have at Humble Crumble and how you guide them through our menu and suggest different flavour combinations will impact their whole crumble eating experience. Being upbeat and giving them a smile goes a long way.

Any Humble Crumble team member will be working in a fast-paced but exciting role. It requires being positive, approachable person with an eye for detail. Customer service is as important as the crumbles we serve, so the successful applicant needs to understand what makes a meaningful customer experience.

You need to be:
A people person - yes, you need to love to chat to our customers, make them feel super welcome and help them make the right crumble decision (although, we don't think there's a ‘wrong’ one).

A crumble LOVER - you love crumble and think it’s THE best dessert in the world. When you eat a crumble you think, ‘what’s missing/how can we make this better’.

A lover of change - we don’t like to sit still at Humble Crumble, we’re always working on what to do next, creating new seasonal specials, how can we improve, what hasn’t the world tasted yet and how can we give it to them.

A multi-tasker - we proudly hand make everything here at Humble Crumble and need someone who can help keep the kitchen running seamlessly during busy service.

Friendly and engaging - our customers are like friends and we love to make them feel welcome. Humble Crumble should feel like home for our staff and customers.

Detail oriented - it's vital that each crumble looks as good as it tastes and in our opinion, there's no such thing as too many toppings!

A lover of a fast paced environment - our amazing customers travel far and wide for our crumbles and will queue for hours (literally) if necessary. This means we need to work quickly and efficiently whilst maintaining our excellent standards.

A passionate foodie - how can you help our customers choose the right (there is no wrong) crumble for their palette? Can you describe flavours for someone who may never have tried our product?

Job Criteria:


  • Help develop new recipes with the team
  • Establish the highest level of hospitality by creating a warm, positive and clean atmosphere in the shop
  • Establish a good rapport with regular customers and encourage customers to return through fantastic service
  • Open and close the shop and ensure the space is clean and tidy at all times
  • Encourage and create a vibrant, exciting and sociable place of work
  • Be driven by high standards

Desired Experience:
1 years experience in a bakery or commercial kitchen essential. Having a passion for baking and all things patisserie desired.

Equal Opportunity:
Humble Crumble is an equal opportunity employer. We pride ourselves in creating an environment where diversity is celebrated, equality is insisted and inclusion expected. We believe in having the right person in the role; and personality, individuality and uniqueness top the list of what we are looking for in applications and throughout our hiring process.

Thank you!

Salary: £31,000 (+tips)

- Access to unlimited CBT and therapy through our wellbeing provider

Full time contract
Location: London
Start date: Flexible

Humble Crumble is hiring new Supervisors for our expansion! We’re set to double in size in the next 6 months. We’ve got a young/hungry team of really nice people and we’re growing fast so there’s lots of opportunity.

You will be working with our managers to help lead a team of 10-15 enthusiastic individuals. This is a hands-on role where you will be both in the kitchen, with our customers and guiding the team.

We’re a food, beverage and, soon to be, e-commerce business that utilises tech wherever possible to improve outcomes at all levels of the business. It’s a startup type vibe except we’re a profitable bakery business.

What you will be doing:
- creating daily strategies with the manager to ensure the team know what is expected of them and we can serve as many crumble lovers as possible
- maintaining our 5* hygiene standards
- keeping on top of stock
- creating a warm, welcome and open environment

You need to be:
A genuinely good person who is open to challenges, change and a fast-paced working environment. You need to be enthusiastic about doing your work to a high standard. It does help if you love food too!

Equal Opportunity:
Humble Crumble is an equal opportunity employer. We pride ourselves in creating an environment that’s accepting of everyone no matter their background. We’re compassionate too, so if in the course of working for us you require some personal help, we offer unlimited therapy and CBT services through our mental wellness provider. This is just one example of how we take care of our own.

If you’re interested and want to learn more about the role including the work hours, location etc, please reach out.

Thank you!

Join Humble Crumble as an Assistant Manager in Central London!:

Are you ready to be a part of one of London’s most popular bakeries? Humble Crumble is on the lookout for proactive Assistant Managers to join our rapidly expanding team across our three existing bakeries (with a fourth on the horizon) in Central London. This is a new and pivotal role created to provide essential support to our dedicated team and managers at each location.

About Us:

At Humble Crumble, we're passionate about crafting exquisite crumbles using high-quality, sustainable ingredients. Each crumble is handmade on-site, offering a comforting taste experience all year round – warm in the cold and refreshing with iced toppings in the summer.

Founded by Kim, our journey started at a farmers market and quickly grew to multiple bustling London market locations. We now proudly serve over 1500 delicious crumbles daily. Our success is driven by a dedicated team committed to compassion, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

We prioritise suppliers who share our values of quality and sustainability, reflecting our dedication to excellence in every crumble we create.

The Role:

As an Assistant Manager, you will collaborate closely with our managers to lead and inspire a team of 15-20 enthusiastic individuals. This hands-on position involves active participation in the kitchen, engaging with our valued customers, and providing guidance to our team members. You will play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of our bakeries, fostering team morale, and ensuring customer satisfaction remains paramount.

Key Responsibilities

- Collaborate with managers to create daily strategies, ensuring team alignment and efficient service to our crumble lovers.
- Maintain our impeccable 5 hygiene standards.
- Manage and monitor stock levels to optimise bakery operations.
- Help develop the team through ongoing feedback, training, and skill enhancement.
- Identify and cultivate potential strengths within team members while addressing weaknesses to ensure a highly organised and efficient team.

Additional Duties Include:

- Training staff to meet quality and service standards.
- Contributing to a positive workplace culture through your leadership.
- Ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction through exceptional service.
- Fostering an environment that promotes openness to challenges and change.

Qualifications and Skills:

- Prior experience in a managerial or supervisory role within the baking and food industry.
- Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
- Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment.
- A passion for food and delivering exceptional customer service.
- Tech-savvy with a willingness to embrace new technologies.
- Strong organisational skills and a proactive mindset.

You Need to Be:

A genuinely good person who is open to challenges, change, and a fast-paced working environment. The ideal candidate should also possess the ability to provide constructive feedback effectively. Being good and ready at giving feedback is a valued attribute for this role. Enthusiasm for delivering work to a high standard is essential, and a love for food is a bonus!

Equal Opportunity:

Humble Crumble is an equal opportunity employer, fostering an environment that's accepting of everyone regardless of their background. Additionally, we care about the well-being of our team members. Should you require personal assistance, we offer unlimited therapy and CBT services through our mental wellness provider. This is just one example of how we take care of our own.

Join Our Team:

If you are enthusiastic, driven, and ready to grow with us, Humble Crumble offers an exciting opportunity for career advancement in a dynamic, successful bakery chain.
To learn more about the role, including work hours and location details, please reach out.
Thank you!

Salary: £32,500 (+ tips) depending on experience

- Access to unlimited CBT and therapy through our wellbeing provider

Full time contract
Location: London, Zone 1 / 2 (new Humble Crumble location)
Start date: Asap