The World’s First Dedicated Crumble Bakery

chocolate dripping on top of vanilla ice cream

So, not long afterwards Kim decided to see if people would buy crumbles from a crumble bakery. She pitched up in a farmers market with fruit, toppings and her special recipe vanilla custard and Humble Crumble was born.

The stall immediately captured people’s imagination!

Through word of mouth, Kim's crumbles began to establish a following. Not long afterwards, in October 2018, the manager of Maltby Street Market, near Tower Bridge, took a chance that a 23-year-old entrepreneur selling crumbles would be a hit. And she was. News started spreading about Humble Crumble and it wasn’t long before a group of crumble-loving enthusiasts joined Kim and together they opened crumble bakeries in Old Spitalfields Market, Borough Market and Camden Market.


It was a cold, damp and dreary day when Kim found herself standing outside a normally buzzing ice cream parlour. She thought ‘what could they make to bring in customers when the sun’s not out? What sweet treat could warm people up in the way that ice cream cools people down?’ Crumble, the favourite British dessert, of course!

Crumble was always Kim’s ‘thing'. She’d made crumble her whole life for family and friends and even won awards for it.

Why wasn’t there a place dedicated to crumble?!

After all, Brits love the stuff.

Humble Crumble featured dessert - vanilla on top of crumble

Humble by Name, Humble by Nature Humble by Name, Humble by Nature Humble by Name, Humble by Nature Humble by Name, Humble by Nature Humble by Name, Humble by Nature

 Humble by Name, Humble by Nature Humble by Name, Humble by Nature Humble by Name, Humble by Nature Humble by Name, Humble by Nature Humble by Name, Humble by Nature

Every crumble served reflects our commitment to being a compassionate, sustainable and friendly business.

Nothing matters more to us than our customers, our people and our planet. So we have chosen suppliers not only for the quality of their produce but for their dedication to sustainability.


We partner with other local businesses ‘doing good’ such as Chai Guys, who provide their high grade cardamom for our Superfood Granola crumble topping and the cinnamon for our apples.


We use Wildfarmed flour. It’s carbon negative. For every 1kg flour they produce, their farming method sequesters 2.43kg CO2. Wildfarmed’s regenerative farming processes increase the biodiversity in their soils and reduce carbon emissions. No Insecticides, Fungicides or Herbicides are used in their farming. The flour is nutrient-rich and also naturally lower in gluten. They are on a mission to share their methods so more producers use regenerative processes.


Our vanilla is sourced from Little Pod. They produce delicious vanilla and commit to reinvesting a portion of their profits into local villages where the vanilla is grown. Little Pod also donate 10% of their sales to Blue Ventures to help coastal communities restore fisheries and ocean life.


Our dairy products are sourced from Northiam Dairy in Sussex, a farm committed to animal welfare. Their cows roam in large fields full of nutritious grass. This makes their milk and cream super high quality and flavourful. And we get the freshest milk there is. It’s delivered to Humble Crumble just a day after the cows are milked.


Our fruits are hand-picked fresh from New Covent Garden Market each morning ensuring that only the best fruits end up in our crumbles.


We use ‘golden’ eggs from Clarence Court, another producer dedicated to animal welfare. The chickens roam free and feed off the best grains. Not surprisingly their eggs are the best tasting around.


Our crumble tubs are 100% biodegradable; however when you throw them in the bin, they may not end up in the compost facilities required to break the plant based PLA down properly as these spaces aren’t readily available across the country just yet. By using biodegradable tubs, we’re supporting the circular economy and the compostable movement.

This isn’t a perfect solution and we are constantly thinking of ways to reduce our biodegradable cup usage to become a zero waste business.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. Rest assured we are always trying to improve environmental outcomes at Humble Crumble. We welcome feedback and advice, so please reach out to hello@humble-crumble.com if you have any suggestions or want to find out more about our environmental footprint.

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