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Humble Crumble is a fast growing company and we're looking for an experienced, professional and organised supervisor to join our team. One year experience minimum. A passion for baking is desirable. 

Salary: £30,150

Access to therapy

Location: London, Zone 1


Humble Crumble is hiring new Supervisors for our expansion! We’re set to double in size in the next 6 months. We’ve got a young/hungry team of really nice people and we’re growing fast so there’s lots of opportunity.


You will be working with our managers to help lead a team of 10-15 enthusiastic individuals. This is a hands on role where you will be both in the kitchen, with our customers and guiding the team. 


We’re a food, beverage and, soon to be, e-commerce business that utilises tech wherever possible to improve outcomes at all levels of the business. It’s a startup type vibe except we’re a profitable bakery business.


What you will be doing:

- creating daily strategies with the manager to ensure the team know what is expected of them and we can serve as many crumble lovers as possible

- maintaining our 5* hygiene standards 

- keeping on top of stock

- creating a warm, welcome and open environment 

You need to be:

A genuinely good person who is open to challenges, change and a fast-paced working environment. You need to be enthusiastic about doing your work to a high standard. It does help if you love food too!


Equal Opportunity

Humble Crumble is an equal opportunity employer. We pride ourselves in creating an environment that’s accepting of everyone no matter their background. We’re compassionate too, so if in the course of working for us you require some personal help, we offer unlimited therapy and CBT services through our mental wellness provider. This is just one example of how we take care of our own. 


If you’re interested and want to learn more about the role including the work hours, location etc, please reach out.

Salary: £30,150


- Access to unlimited CBT and therapy though our wellbeing provider

- Access to unlimited Life and Work coaching 

Full time contract

Location: London, Zone 1
Start date: flexible

To apply

Please email a cover letter and CV to

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