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Humble Crumble might just be the opposite of humble pie, because we’ve got nothing but pride when we say everything in our kitchen is made with both people and the planet in mind.


It’s paramount to us here at Humble Crumble that every single crumble we make reflects our commitment to being an environmentally friendly business. Our suppliers are chosen not only for the quality of their produce but for their dedication to sustainability, so:

 - Our dairy is sourced from a farm in Kent. With their dedication to animal welfare (they even hug their cows) and the many fields for their cows to roam mean that they produce very high quality milk and cream. We receive the freshest dairy as they milk the cows the day before they deliver to us.


 - We use Wildfarmed flour which is carbon negative (for every 1kg flour they produce, their farming method sequesters 2.43kg CO2). Wildfarmed and their regenerative farming process increases the biodiversity in their soils, promotes food education, reduces carbon emissions, and produces nutrient rich flour that is naturally lower in gluten than industry standard flour.

- Our vanilla is sourced from Little Pod, who have helped to set up an orchard in Bali, that reinvests profits into employment in the nearby village. Little Pod also donate 10% of their sales to Blue Ventures, to help coastal communities restore fisheries and ocean life.  

- We use those golden eggs from Clarence Court, another high animal welfare producer, with a focus on giving their birds acres upon acres to roam


- Our fruits are hand-picked fresh from New Covent Garden market each morning ensuring that only the best fruits end up in our crumbles. 


- Wherever possible, we also use food that is high quality and delicious but would otherwise have gone to waste, such as taking the fruits that 58 & Co use to create their spirits and making boozy, zero-waste crumbles. We also partner with other local businesses 'doing good' such as Chai Guys, who provide their high grade cardamom for our Superfood Granola crumble topping.


(For full transparency, our crumble tubs are 100% biodegradable however the compost facilities required to break the plant based PLA down properly aren’t readily available across the country just yet. By using biodegradable tubs, we're supporting the circular economy and the compostable movement. We’re not perfect, but we strive to be better every day!) 


Delicious dessert that looks after the world too? Sounds like a win-win to us...

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